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WPQA.COM and MVQA.COM are Web sites maintained by LaFarr Stuart.

Hopefully, this is enough to avoid confusion regarding these pages. Besides, I hate lots of "legal" jibberish.

Anything here can be seen by unscrupulous people anywhere in the world. Hence, I may not have some information interesting to CO-OP members. I want to respect everyone's Right of Privacy. So here is a short list of what will not be on these pages.

  1. Anyone's full name, or phone number; unless they have specifically OK'ed it.
  2. Detailed Minutes of the Meetings.
  3. Political or Religious opinions.
  4. Anything: Lewd, Pornographic or disrespectful.
  5. Pop-Up ads.
  6. Things I consider dumb or in bad taste I haven't thought of yet.

Part of number 1 above: I will not put the phone directory I make on the Internet. I shred all the copies I print and the old ones I have, and would like to suggest tearing up the old ones before you trash them.

Some things I think might be OK to have.

  1. A list of "For Sale" or "Rent" items from signs that anyone who goes through the parks could see. Unless the owner requests other wise, these would be listed only by Lot Number.
  2. Links to other web site that I feel might be of interest to those in the park.

If anyone at West Park wants something posted here. Shoot me an email. I prefer it not be a Word Document. I have to put in HTML controls and the ones Word puts in are hidden and a pain to remove. I will put your name with it to give you credit, unless you want to be anonymous.

Cheers, LaFarr

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