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Last Up date: 2012 December 5
Recent changes: Added link to new web site for: West Park Resort
Kept the link to a page from Harvey Martin about protecting information

Protecting your personal information

I keep this page very simple. For more current information check out:

West Park Resort
It is important the LaPaz County Treasurer's Office has your correct address.

Click here for details of how close I came to having my West Park Lot sold for $55.55 on February 27, 2009. No, the amount is not a typo.

The Association fee for 2012 will be $550.

The same as it was last year

WPQA.COM and MVQA.COM are LaFarr Stuarts Web sites

I started them using web space provided by TDS, when West Park was just opening. I moved most, but not all, of what was there to web space I get from GoDaddy. Here is: More information about what will and will not be here.

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