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Telephone pole Niles Canyon

I thought it would be sort of interesting to have a place for thoughts and notes about the good old days.

For starts lets think about how things were in 1901. My Father was born in November 1903, I have made a list of new things that came about during his life time. Some Emails with Ed Thelen and friend reminiscing about the "Good Old Daize". And here is a bit about problems of 2006 August.

How many of you recognize this "funny" pole, and what was it used for? I remember when these were along almost every highway from coast to coast.

Even more: What replaced it?

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Aircraft Beacon Palo Alto, CA

The tower with sloping legs, near the center of the photo, is one of the old Aircraft Beacon Lights. These lights were the first navigation aids for flight.

On March ?? 2005, a friend and I hiked up to see if we could find this one. He found it on an old ? 1940's ? aviation map. Obviously, we found it. Fortunately, it is still standing. Most have been used for scrap metal. Unfortunately, this one is simply a support for many different radio antenna.

The next advance in aircraft navigation

Was the Low-Frequency Radio Ranges

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