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    My Rantings begin here.
  1. I bought an HP 5650 printer because it received some good reviews, it uses a parallel port, and HP's Specifications which I printed from the internet says it works on any input voltage from 100 to 240 and 50 or 60 cycles. (I expect to use it on a small inverter or generator when traveling.) I think HP's engineering is pretty good, but marketing, email and phone support Sucks! An ongoing saga of details are at the link.

    I need to explain a bit: It is painfully difficult, but if you can get to a real person their phone support is pretty good. They really do try to satisfy. But the system their management has set up is nothing less than terrible. Further the manual, which is only 9 pages, tells you nothing that anyone who has played with Windows for a few minutes would not know; it is without any information. I guess that is what you get from a company when the top dog is technically incompetent. It is a sad come down for a company that was once one of the top in the country.

  2. A blurb about Electronic Voting
  3. A page with HTML Symbols, Entities, I frequently like to use.
  4. A well thought out reply to my next Rant.
  5. My pessimistic thoughts about world energy problems.
  6. Experiment with DeLorme Map with track I made with a Garmin GPS.
  7. Another web site about Virus and laws to eliminate them.
  8. Governments' Do Not Call List May not be a good thing to get your name and phone number on.
  9. My father wanted me to be a Doctor, and why I gave that up.
  10. Keyboard Shortcuts, I like.
  11. MY History with Computers.
  12. Details about tools I use to create and maintain this web site.
    I got the domain name from Simple Url back in 2001 January, and wrote: I can't praise them high enough. They have the best price for domain name registration I have seen. Unfortunately now it is time to extend the registration, they are a royal pain, and I do not now recommend Simple Url.
    Interesting articles about government problems.
  1. A libertarian view about why most government programs fail and make things worse. A bit long but with many good points.
  2. An article from the Washington Times about Government Cost Over-runs and no one is held accountable.
  3. USA Debt Crises The national debt is ten times larger than what the government is telling us.
  4. Blurb from Jewish World Review - August 14, 2003 about Gray Davis's spending in California.
  5. Lies getting USA into war. By Patrick J. Buchanan
  6. First two paragraphs of an article by Patrick J. Buchanan about our problems in Iraq.
  7. A 9 month old description of Iraq. interesting but with no solutions.
  8. Blurb from Washington Times about Government selling your personal information.
  9. Wallstreet Journal Article about Credit Card Theft.

Unfortunately, in each version of Windows the ability to use command lines becomes less convenient and more restricted. My frustration is that almost all the newer printers only connect via the USB bus, and my only printer, here in Quartzsite, is an Epson with only USB connections. Under XP I can't even get a print of a DIR command, without first sending it to a file, then bringing up the file in Notepad and printing from there. Since I first bought a PDP-11, before there were personal computers, I have never been less satisfied with what I can do with the computers I own. (Things are much better back in San Jose, but I only brought the Epson printer and a new but worthless Fujitsu laptop with me.

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