Mountain View Resort Lease Dated 1999

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There were eight pages each scanned image can be seen by clicking on the Link in the following block. The pages are each about 200K bytes. I kept a lot of detail for anyone who wants to save the page and massage it with their favorite software.

You should be able to print readable copies, simply by printing the web page. Or:
You can "right click" on the image, then: "Save As" to a folder on your computer. If you do this for all the pages, you can view them (off line) zooming in or out like you would for any other photos. Be warned: I have tried to keep a lot of detail, these saved images may need to be reduced to print them.

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All these pages are here as text. As "text" it can be copied, from this page, and pasted into any editor such as "WORD" and edited by anyone. But, anything printed from such would be counterfeit. The links above have photos of the original 1999 which would be very difficult to edit or change. Even then only I could get it on this web site. And I promise to never deceive or trick you.

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