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Last Up date: 2016 December 19
Recent changes: Tree pruning on my lot B-33 details.
Page started: 2006 February 4

Tree on my lot (B-33) was pruned on 2016 December 15
by Dick Hyatt against my protests.

I heard what sounded like a chain saw in front of my place. I looked out the window and saw a grey pickup with tree limbs parked on the road in front of my lot. There were four guys who had cut 4 limbs off the tree at the front west corner of my lot.

The tree I have watered and cared for since I bought the lot from: John & Bunny Toule is on the east front corner. It has dark green leaves and was the healthiest looking tree on B-Street. I ran out and said: "I don't want this tree trimmed." It is at least 3 feet in from the front fence, and about a foot in from the east fence. There was and still is other cactus and plants on my lot.

Dick Hyatt said: "You don't own this fuckn tree. It belongs to the park." He went ahead and cut two major limbs off, while I protested that the park had not taken care of the trees and many were dead. The other three guys just sorta backed off.

    I came inside and made three phone calls:
  1. Diane/Glen Frys. They agreed I should decide if and how trees on my lot are pruned.
  2. Dave Johnson. Left message on his cell phone. Call was never returned.
  3. Brent Hanseon. He was somewhat understanding.
Needless to say, I am still pissed off at the disrespect and rude treatment I got.

Advice about protecting your personal information from Harvey Martin.

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Click here for details of how close I came to having my West Park Lot sold for $55.55 on February 27, 2009. No, the amount is not a typo.

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Part of number 1 above: I will not put the phone directory I make on the Internet. I shred all the copies I print and the old ones I have, and would like to suggest tearing up the old ones before you trash them.

Some things I think might be OK to have.

  1. A list of "For Sale" or "Rent" items from signs that anyone who goes through the parks could see. Unless the owner requests other wise, these would be listed only by Lot Number.
  2. Links to other web site that I feel might be of interest to those in the park.

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The "Summer 2006" link to the right of the sign has a link to the photos taken by Harvey Martin of the Summer 2006 rains.

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Older stuff that may still be of interest.

Mountain View 1999 Lease Page

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