By tradition: We are "Writing numbers Backwards"!

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There is good reason to say we are writing numbers backwards. For example: The number of seconds in a day is: 86,400 mathematically what this means is:
8×104+ 6×103+ 4×102+ 0×101+ 0×100
Our rules for how we do Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division; are based on this positional meaning. Which is quite elegant, but given that we read from left to right; it would be better if the number were written the other way around: 00468. This still means:
0×100+ 0×101+ 4×102+ 6×103+ 8×104
But notice. To write the above I didn't have to find the end then count backwards to figure out the power of ten. I just start with zero and count up for each successive digit. Trust me! This is also an advantage when we do arithmetic on numbers as well.

When we read a whole number like 5280 our eyes have to scan to the right end to count the digits, so we can say: Five thousand, two hundred, eighty. That scan and back-up would not be necessary if we wrote this number: 0825 said something like: Eighty, two hundred and five thousand. Yes, I know change seems awkward, at first. But, reading it would be faster and simpler. Don't let "leading zeros" disturb you. They are as important as trailing zeros are when written as we now do. In this "reversed system" trailing zero's would not be written. Unlike our current system extra zero's, or spaces, would not be used/needed to line up the decimal point.

As we all know, we have to start on the "units end" of numbers when we do: Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication. This would be cleaner if numbers were written backward from the present convention. Even Division would be cleaner because, going to the right to start would simplify locating the decimal point.

If you are ready for change: Consider a better number system base

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