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For anyone interested in My Lehmer Chain Machine I have a bit of the older stuff at this link.
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I have registered the domain names: LAFARR.COM & LAFORTH.COM Now I have to figure out what I want to do with them. The first will simply be my photo and introduction, for those who may want know something about me.

Back in about 1978 I was part of the "Forth Implementation Team". And created a different version of the language FORTH. It became known as LaForth. I did not think of the name. Credit for that goes to Dave Boultin. (I hope I spelled his name right?) The FORTH community is one of the more computer savvy groups I have known, and are probably the only ones who will look at "". If you are interested, you can find more at: my forth involvement.

I am very opinionated. You don't have to agree. Which is great. For a sample of my thoughts about computer problems. I wrote most of this a couple years ago, when I was young and foolish. I have simply uploaded the old files. So until I update the pages, the links at the bottom of the page won't work. You may note that I even used a different color and really wasn't sure I wanted anybody to know that I wrote it.

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