LaForth and My Arithmetic Programs

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2003 November 21 LaForth description. Web page started Fri 03-11-21

On Saturday 2003 November 22 I am scheduled to give a short talk I titled: "An Experiment in Stack Oriented Variable Precision Arithmetic".

I expect to demonstrate and talk about, the advantages/disadvantages of single character operators, and input/output in various number bases are some things that I think might be interesting for the Forth community to see demonstrated.

I made most of it available here.

    The gist of what I expect to discuss can be found at:
  1. History and Motivation for my Variable Precision Integer Arithmetic program.
  2. An example where the Remainder of division is more important than the Quotient.
  3. Techniques I use for division where the divisor is larger than the registers in the computer.
  4. Description and Links where you can get the programs I demonstrate.

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