LaForth Was One of My Better Personal Computer Projects

Last Up date: 2005 September 23 Started on Fri 2005-May-27

In 1978 there was a volunteer group, later knows as Fig for: Forth Interest Group, who implemented FORTH on a variety of Personal Computers, this was before IBM announced their first 8088 based PC.

Originally, there were four of us working on FORTH for the Motorola 6800 micro processor. One (I can't remember his name), shortly moved out of the area leaving Myself (LaFarr Stuart), Bob Smithand Dave Lion. Dave carried the burden of actually doing the true Fig model. This allowed Bob and I, who were a bit older and more opinionated, the freedom to experiment; and put in some of our own ideas and prejudices, while Dave kept the 6800 Fig effort on track.

This web site will tell the story of LaForth and what Bob and I contributed to FORTH. Of course it is from our perspective, hence probably biased! If you have opinions or suggestions let me know. I will try to add them.

For those how might be interested: I will have more about what I did before LaForth and what I have been doing as a programmer since LaForth. And how I cope with Bill Gates Software.

It would be nice to provide some of the same information about Bob and Dave; but it is up to them what and how much, if any, information they would like to include.

On Saturday 2003 November 22 I gave a talk at the local Forth Interest Group meeting. It was about My Experimental Variable Precision Integer Arithmetic program. You can see a page I put on the net for it here.

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