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  1. List of Apple's OSX Terminal Commands.
  2. U of U Unix Command Summary sample use of most common commands.
  3. Ubuntu Linux information
  4. J programmin language>
  5. Rumors about whats new at Apple>
  6. Columbia University Computing History
  7. Old Calculator Museum has many good links.
  8. Solar Electric Power, economics
  9. A place to find electric power meters.
  10. Aptera efficient 3 wheel car
  11. Tesla Motors high performance cars"
  12. Casitia Lightweight Traliers
  13. The company that made the 3-wheel bicycle
  14. NANPA controls the assigning of telephone area codes.
  15. Lots of GPS links and information.
  16. Indiana University IT search
  17. Photos by the fellow who was with Dr. Dean Edel on 2009 China trip
  18. Exploratorium in San Francisco.
  19. Quartzsite's bank web site.

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