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I can say this is my "fleet", parked in my San Jose driveway.

Sun  03-06-08 21:49:15 p6080001

I bought the Toyota Pickup in February 1987. It now has over 254,000 miles on it. It has been a gem. I have yet to find any assembly faults.

I bought the Ford Econoline van in November 1999, but it is a 2000 model. So far I have been very happy with it, and have taken it on a couple winter camping vacations.
The Motorcycle is new. I got it on 27 May 2003, with less than 2 miles on it. If you would like to see more detailed photos of the Motorcycle click on the photo.

Me in Thatcher ID
While in Utah/Idaho I decided for back-country riding you need more than two wheels. So... here's: Me on My latest toy.

Click the photo for more photos riding it.

For the manufacture's photo and description. Click here

To haul the toys I needed a cargo trailer. Cargo trailer at San Jose 1

This photo was taken in front of my San Jose home, just after I bought it. I kept it here for a week while I varnished the inside, put in some indoor/outdoor carpet and some tie-downs.

Click the photo for more pictures and details.

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