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Last Up date: 2018 November 2
Recent changes: Made date a link to an index to all pages in Tables.
Added a page of all possible Master Lock Speed Dial's
Page started: 2006 January 14

  1. All 256 possible initial Master Speed Dial combinations.
  2. List of Telephone Area Codes I like better than what I find in today's phone books.
  3. Three letter Airport codes or where a given code is at.
  4. Homophones in the English (USA actually) language.
  5. A simple table of ASCII characters and their Hex values.
  6. Integer degrees Centigrade to Fahrenheit -40°C to 200°C with a few notes.
  7. My chart of HTML numeric Color codes.
  8. A World Clock that shows current: Population, US Debt, and other things.
  9. John Carlsen of Syncopated Systems has a great Periodic Table of the Elements.

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