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  1. My main "Home Phone" is 408-642-9361 it works when I'm in Utah, AZ or CA. It is local in Northern San Jose, California.
  2. My Google Voice number is local around Logan, Utah; and goes to the above Home Phone as well as my cell phone.
    If you don't have it ask me for it. My Google Voice number is not on any of my web pages.
  3. On a computer you can find my home web page by Googling on: LaFarr. Or directly go to
    • At the bottom of each of my web pages there is a block with my cell phone number.
      That block is a link to info about my addresses. (I have a simple cell phone and don't use text or the camera. It is usually with me and turned on when I go out.)
  4. My main Email address:
    • I have other email addresses that forward to my main address.
  5. US Post office Mail
    • I have good results using US Postoffice Forwarding.
      Mail sent to my San Jose or Quartzsite addresses gets to me.
      • From last of June until mid-September I'm at
        General Delivery,
        Clarkston, Ut 84305
      • Spring and Fall I'm in San Jose
        P.O. Box 610922
        San Jose, CA 95161-0922
      • A winter address October - April
        P.O. Box 2754
        Quartzsite, AZ 85346-2754

      I don't have mail sent to my home in San Jose, because it gets mixed with tons of advertisements and other garbage I throw out. It would be an accident if I ever saw anything important sent to my San Jose home.

      There is no home delivery in Quartzsite or Clarkston.

  6. You can ring my door bell

    • In Utah I use the back door my home is at
      374 North, 2nd East
      Clarkston, Utah 84305

    • In California my home is at
      2627 Northwood Dr.
      San Jose, CA 95132-1035
    • In Arizona I live at
      Mountain View Resort B-33
      770 Mountain View Lane
      Quartzsite, Airizona 85346

  7. For those who use GPS's I have Lat/Lon for the three places I have homes. Hopefully this will make it easier to locate me for anyone who doesn't know the local street names. I use degrees and decimal parts of a degree.

    • Arizona: N 33.67158 W 114.23128
    • California: N 37.40740 W 121.8432
    • Utah: N 41.92704 W 112.04405

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