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There is almost no radio in Quartzsite, fortunately there is on the internet. CC Radio sells a radio that uses a WiFi link to get many stations off the internet. It gets its signal via: Reciva. From this link you can get radio on your computer, essentially for free. There may be others.

I am not happy with the following because of the advertising

I got these links by going to the station's own website. I guess they only see world as an advertising medium. Instead of just being able to listen to the broadcast, they are constantly abusing your broadband connection with tons of ads. This would be very bad for any cell phone connected WiFi where you only get a limited amount of downloads without additional charges.

Northern Utan stations: KUSU KVNU KSL
San Francisco stations: KCBS KSFO KGO KKSF KFBK KLIV
Arizona stations: KFYI KBLU KNTR

The links Apple has in their iTunes Radio News/talk don't do any advertising. I wish I could make these links do the same. KGO's Archives seem as good, but you can't listen live with them. To hear any hour KGO has broadcast in the last week: Select the day of the week then the hour. This service is great if there is a regular show you want to hear, you can get it anytime you want for a week.

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