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The above email (or the link at the bottom of this page) works regardless of where I get internet service. A diary like description of events from April 2006 through November 14 are here. My reason for keeping this page is the description of how sick I got from eating Denny's artificial maple syrup on November 10th on my way driving from San Jose to Quartzsite.

Me on 2007 April 21

The photo at left is of me on 2007 April 21. With a new camera I just got. Here is a link for more details about the camera.

Click on the photo to see a picture taken of me in the Arizona snow 2005 March. It is large, about 500K bytes.

I was born: July 6, 1934 in northern Utah, and have no brothers or sisters. More details are here.

Many have ask me: "Where did you get that name?" In northern Utah there is an Ice Cream company named Farr. My father liked the way the logo looked, and said if he had a son he was going to name him "Farr". My mother thought I would get teased and so put a "La" on front. My dad's name was "LaVick" so it was fitting, I guess.

My father wanted me to be a Doctor, so I started College as a pre-med student, but after seeing some of the animal experiments conducted at the University of Utah medical school; it was clear that medicine was not for me.

I switched from Pre-med, to Chemistry, then to Physics and Mathematics.

Me at Grand Canyon, 2004 Dec.

The photo at right was taken 2004 December at the south rim of Grand Canyon. Click the photo to see one taken January 2000. I didn't aged that much in 5 years!

Me on Glen's tadpole Me in Quartzsite 2009 March riding Glen's recumbent tricycle. If you click on this photo, you will see me in 1966, when I lived and worked in New Jersey. And, I did look younger then!

My Mother was from a devout Mormon family.

My Father was from an anti-Mormon family. (They were LDS and then left the church.) His mother, my grandmother, was really a religious person. She said her prayers every night when she went to bed, and kept a map of "The Holy Land" mounted on a large cardboard on her desk. I think she died believing that the Mormon Church was "out to get her". Sad, I think the Mormon church had a lot more concerns than her.

So, I was brought up pretty much devoid of any religious influence from either my mother or father. In fact I was quite old before I realized that people actually believed the "Bible Stories". To me they weren't any different from the "Fairy Tales" they tell kids.

Today, I belong to no church; and rather like it that way. I am free to make my own decisions about right and wrong. If there is a super natural, I believe he is more concerned about what you do, than the particular organization you belong to. But, I know of no church that will accept this. It is bad for business, they need their members to believe it is most important for them to belong to their church; and hence, all others are wrong. Sorry, but that attitude carried to extreme has caused a lot of wars and killings.

Bottom line for me: I don't know if there is a hereafter or not, but it would be best if everyone lived here so that if there is a hereafter they could be proud when they got there.

If you have religious reservations and questions, here are some of mine.

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