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I do not like pages that keep changing. I think the user should be in control of his computer and the display. Nothing should change without him doing it, for whatever reason. We all get interruptions: Knock on the door, phone rings, or a bathroom call. If he leaves his computer it should not have changed when he returns. I hate internet pages that scroll pictures or anything else. I want to be in control!

If it's a page I created with Yellow Background only you or the power company can change it!

Check your internet connection speed with Speed.IO

Here are some details of my speeds at various places.

I have the name ZYVRA.ORG registered with and have Web Hosting (web space) there also. I paid for ten years, so I shouldn't have to go through any more name changes. If GoDaddy stays in business that long!

I don't use any web page creating software. I find the pages they create are at least twice as big as they need to be. I want my pages to take up as little web space as possible and load as fast as possible. I use a simple DOS editor put out by SemWare, called "The SemWare Editor Junior", to generate the pure ASCII text HTML requires. Unfortunately, I know of no good editor that runs under Windows. "Notepad" can be used, but it is very poor; and "Word" is pathetic for creating HTML files. For my money, I haven't found anything better than the SemWare Junior; which used to be called Q-edit. I renamed my copy to "Q.exe".

I think it is worthwhile to know how to create as web page even if you never have a web site. My reasons are here where I also have a link to my attempt at a HTML tutorial.

In truth, I use a DOS program I wrote to help me. It dumps in the header and ending stuff. It is sort of a "macro generator" so I don't have to write all the HTML tags, only the ones I want to make different. So, I create an abbreviated page. This gives all my pages "the same flavor"; and more importantly, updates the "Revision date" every time I make any changes. A long time ago I discovered: The only thing I can't screw up is the passage of time. So I keep Date and Time with most everything I do.

For anyone comfortable using the DOS command line commands I would be happy to help you with these tools, but I don't want to take the time to describe them here. If interested please contact me.

I use the Windows Command line command FTP to upload the pages. This is because I can use the mput command and let the computer upload many pages while I am doing something else. I don't appreciate the current "mousey world" where you have to set constantly at the computer clicking on something every few seconds.

I have a fairly complete description of FTP Commands if you are interested.

As an aid in choseing my background colors I made a Hexadecimal Color Chart for those trying to find a color. I decided to make available.

If you have any questions or suggestions: use any of the ways listed below to contact me. To see a pretty simple HTML file click here then right click on any blank area: and select "View Source". Under Windows it will be displayed in Notepad. You can save it, modify it, and see the results.

E-mail me or Click the phone block to call or get link to my BIO page.

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