This is all stuff I picked up from the internet.

If you don't like an arrangement, there is nothing I can do to fix it.
If you find an arrangement you like better send me a link.

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Recent versions to consider
Recent changes: I added Happy Birthday: Children's, Hoe Down, March.
The first seven tunes were added March 11, 2005.

Chronological list of tunes in
with: size, the date and time I retrieved them and their actual DOS names.

I found most of the music using Music Robot. I have a friend that found Boogie Woogie, beats me where she got it!

The number is the size of the MIDI file. If a Windows Media window also opens, you can close it and the music will still play. At least it works that way for me.
13,110 Getting to Know You 7,531 Skaters Waltz
8,518 Polonais 25,191 Ocktober
20,875 Strauss ?? Blue Danube 13,461 Wheels
30,182 On the Road Again 41,711 The Thunderer2
37,931 Semper Fidelis 35,629 Froggie Went a' Courtin
38,691 The Thunder 21,137 Jely Blues
18,737 Five Foot Two .. 21,855 3 O'Clock in the Morning
25,590 Yakity Sax. 8,099 I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover
35,987 Zippity Doo Da 20,580 Oh Susanna
11,825 Green Grow the Lilacs 44,671 Tennessee Waltz
11,994 Clementine 54,256 Pennsylvania Polka
22,411 Red River Valley 3 7,143 Utah Trail
10,001 Camp Town Races 5,235 Streets of Laredo
33,988 Home On the Range 14,306 Red River Valley 2
26,453 Waltzing Matilda 13,820 The Dance of the Fairies
13,217 The Band Played On 21,694 Tennessee Waltz
20,858 Minuet Waltz 10,992 Let Me Call You Sweetheart
31,864 Somewhere My Love 33,084 Please Release Me
24,311 Red Wing 13,325 Make the World Go Away
26,567 Lucille 25,887 Four in The Morning
18,860 Cattle Call 11,550 Yellow Rose of Texas
16,399 Red River Valley 1 10,240 In My Merry Oldsmobile
9,750 Young John, In My Merry.. 14,604 Nola
21,207 Jingle Bells 10,531 Mexican Hat Dance
23,233 La Negra 12,889 Cielito Lindo
24,591 Mexican Hat Dance 2 13,416 Mexican Hat Dance (best)
16,419 The Entertainer 24,313 Grand Old Flag
16,395 Its a Small World 26,088 The Caissons Go Rolling
22,548 Yankee Doodle 13,471 Take Me Out to Ball Game
26,621 Alexander's Rag Time Band 45,958 Bicycle Built for Two
7,179 Keeper of the Eddystone Light with words 14,910 The Cascades
26,594 Bohemia Rag - John Arpin 38,545 Lily Marlene
30,315 Washington Post 20,884 Anchors Aweigh
7,884 Alley Cat 32,163 William Tell
17,898 Beer Barrel Polka 47,668 Happy Wanderer
29,295 Chicken with words 23,912 Jambalaya
33,720 Steel Guitar Polka 32,043 Edelweiss
11,893 Over the Waves 16,221 Blue Danube
27,881 Wabash Cannon Ball 19,086 Mary Anne
37,967 When its Spring Time in The Rockies 62,957 You Are My Sunshine
32,938 Cattle Call 8,999 Meet Me In St. Louis
14,111 Silver Bells 29,434 Wabash Cannon Ball
11,757 My Wild Irish Rose 2,846 The Ol Grey Mare Ain't What She Used to Be
11,488 Polly Woly Doodle All the Day 16,618 My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
8,624 Jolly Good Fellow 29,862 Happy Days are Here Again
44,705 Glow Worm 10,084 Down in the Valley
13,093 Coming Round the Mountain 7,562 Irish Lullaby
19,395 Maple Leaf Rag 10,430 Thriller Rag
10,205 Blue Danube (?better) 10,582 Sonata in C
9,386 Dixie 7,843 Music Box
You will notice that I have duplicates of a few tunes. And in a couple cases I am unsure of the name, I indicated this with ??? with the name. I would appreciate your opinions on the versions you like best, and help with some of the names.

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