Mathematics of remainders.

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You have reached an area of my web site I used as support for: An introduction to Congruence Arithmetic talk I gave at a Silicon Valley Forth meeting on September 25, 2004. That audience was a pretty sophisticated group, mostly engineers, who are very knowledgeable about computer arithmetic.

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It is a crutch I used for some of the proofs. There are no examples, exercises or applications. It would hardly be meaningful unless accompanied with a lot of explanation and motivation. I am keeping it mainly as a reference for those who were at the talk. Who knows I, or someone else, may want to repeat the talk. It might be useful if you already have some knowledge of the subject. You are certainly welcome to take a look at what I have.

I have a page about Casting out 9's, which is based on Congruence Arithmetic it is mainly for practice for those who heard the talk. However, I tried to make it understandable even for someone who has not heard the talk.)

If you are new to the subject and want to learn about Congruence Arithmetic a good Number Theory text would serve you better.

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