Apple has changed. They just want to sell.

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2014 August 21 page started.

On 2014 August 4, I bought a new Mac Mini, because I wanted a small, easy to take with me desktop computer. It has a 500GB SATA Disk. In a box less than an inch and half high and about 7.5 inches square. There is only a power cord and the HDMI cable to the monitor connected to it. Internet, Keyboard, and Trackpad are wireless.

It came with: OS X Version 10.9.4 An Intel Core i5 Processor, 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. It's connected via HDMI to a VIZIO E280i-A1 Display: a great 28 inch Led HDTV which also severs as a television.

My big complaints are:

  1. Maverics OS, and later won't play .MID music files. My MacAir with older OS still plays them fine. A friend has an identical MacAir, but his son who works for Apple recently "Upgraded" it to Maverics. Now he can not play .MID files on his MacAir!
  2. The older Safari browser you could "View the Source" of .htm files. The new one won't! Fortunately Google Chrome will. Chrome is a better browser, so I just don't use Safari.

    When I want to modify one of my web pages, I "View the Source" and Copy/Paste it into my editor, make the changes then FTP the new version back, replacing the previous version. This way I can use any computer to edit my web site.

  3. In Quartzsite, AZ I have the first Apple computer I bought: A MacMini with OS X (Version 10.6.8). It will play CD's, the new one has no CD slot! The older one in AZ is MUCH MUCH faster than the new one, which has a faster processor! I have them both in AZ now, using the same WiFi.

    In Quartzsite there is one local FM station, and in daytime no AM stations.

    On the old MacMini using iTunes for News/Radio I listen to major radio stations in USA and Canada. That's how I keep up with what is going on in the world. New iTunes, that comes with Maverics, only tries to sell Apple Victims there Aps. I tried for over a half hour to get any radio stations, and gave up. The older Mac Mini I have in Quartzsite still lets me listen to radio. I'll never update iTunes or upgrade the OS.

  4. In San Jose I have an iMac. Unfortunately, I had updated it to Maverics, so it will not play .MID files. I came to Quartzsite; and my old Mac mini will still play them and let me listen to the radio stations. I will never update that computer; and as far as I'm concerned: Apple can go to hell.
  5. I also have a 2nd version iPad, which I hate. The only thing I use it far is to play "Solitiare" after I go to bed until I get sleepy. Unfortunaely, when I got a message that if I connected to the internet it would update the time. (Which was about 7 minutes off.) I turned on the WiFi, and it did correct the time; but now everytime I turn it on it harasses me to connect to iCloud, twice! I have never used iCloud and never will! But, I can't get the damn thing to stop doing that.

Apple doen't have a good replacement for Steve Jobs.

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