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I will just list the things I like here. Be warned: Sometimes when I get something initially I may think it is great, but after I have had some experience I might change my mind.

The most recent is at the top of this list.

  1. 2014 September 13 I bought at WalMart in Logan, UT a Straight Talk Home Phone. (After I gave up on trying to get Sprints version of the same thing to work!) I paid: $69.88 and $15.00 for 30 days Unlimited Nationwide calling. Plus tax for a total of $90.77

    It works over Verizon's cellular network, and has connections for two landline telephones. For $15 a month I have unlimited telephoning to anywhere in the USA. It works great in: Clarkston,Ut; San Jose, CA and Quartzsite, AZ. And I have the same phone number in all three places! The literature calims: You can keep your current phone number; but we were never able to do it. I had to accept a new phone number, but was able to have; a 408 San Jose area code number.

    It has: Voicemail, caller-ID, 3-way calling, call Forwarding and 411 calls at no extra cost. It also has an internal battery so it works even in a power outage. $15 per month is the best telephone service I have ever had.

  2. 2012 December early I ordered a desk top Dell computer. I wanted a computer that could run some older programs, so I ordered it with 32-Bit Win-7. It has: No built in WiFi, but several USB ports (two on front with audio in & out), a Terabyte of Disk, and much less memory, and speed than the Lenovo K330B I bought from Fry's on 2012 May 2. Unfortunately, the Lenovo came with 64-bit Win-7 Professional so it can not run my older programs hence it is on my Dislikes page. But that is the fault of MicroSoft, not Lenovo! For anyone who wants to buy an "Off the Shelf Windows computer" I would recommend Lenove, for about the same price.

    Back to the DELL. It came with both a corded keyboard and mouse. I suspect both are the cheapest DELL could find. I replaced the keyboard with a Kensington Slim Type Keyboard which uses "scissor-switch technology" that gives a good crisp feel. I'm still using the DELL mouse. The computer itself seems quite well engineered, and works OK; but does not have any WiFi, the Lenovo does, and I like its mouse and Keyboard better.

    The big fault I find with DELL is: Quoting the tech-support bitch I talked with on the phone, "DELL has put all there documentation on the internet". Nothing printed came with the computer. Nothing to tell where the ON/OFF is located, or a clue as to how to add memory or open the case; not even a list of what should be in the box it was shipped in! I have bought several computers in the past but NEVER seen any with zero documentation like this DELL! Anyone buying a DELL as a first computer would be without a clue about setting it up. He probably wouldn't know where to plug the keyboard, mouse or even the display. It has USB ports on the front and several on the back.

    My advice is: Never buy anything from DELL

    The only reason I have it here instead of my Dislikes page is: It's Win-7 is 32-bit so I can run all my DOS 6.2 programs and tools.

  3. 2010 October 23 I bought a Volkswagen 2010 Jetta TDI (diesel) even though the 2011's were out. Unfortunately, VW cheapened the 2011 models--even Consumer Reports noted that. For example: 2011 does not have disk brakes on the rear wheels, and the supports for both the trunk lid and hood are obviously much cheaper.

    I wish got the Jetta TDI SportWagen model. It has a better opening in the trunk. Otherwise I am very happy with my Jetta. Presently, it now has over 14,500 miles on it; and I am yet to find anything that doesn't work or any flaws. I have never had a car that I could say that about. I am getting over 50 MPG on highway trips, and the lowest I have had on a tank for fuel is 39.66 MPG.

  4. Kodak sent me a power cord and adapter when I left mine in Quartzsite. At no charge!

  5. Master Combination lock.

  6. I bought an Apple iPad on Friday and took it back the next Monday. Obviously I didn't like it.

  7. ASUS Eee Pc even with Win7 problems..

  8. Apple Mac computers.

  9. Garmin StreetPilot c330 Fry's was selling units Refurbished by Garmin for $179.99 in their stores. I am very happy with it, and told a friend about it, he liked it so well he did a web page about it. It came with everything you would get with a brand new unit, except not as fancy of box. I cannot find a scratch or mark on it. I suspect Garmin found a manufacturing defect they corrected, and then decided to dump them through Fry's--rather than undermine the prices on more expensive units.

    On their web site Fry's is selling it for $129.99 The offer may still be on.

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