Some of my thoughts about how life evolved, and is evolving.

Last Up date: 2008 June 1
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If one believes we inherit characteristics from our parents, and some of these characteristics are good and some are bad, then you have accepted the theory of evolution.

It is called: Survival of the Fittest.

We see evolution every day.

Modern medicine, and a sympathetic welfare system has produced a human race less fit, and less intelligent. The human gene pool is going down-hill. It is obvious: people today are not as rugged as the pioneers were scarcely more than a hundred years ago. Even though our schools have computers and many more teaching aids, graduating students today could never pass tests in Geography, Math, and spelling that were given a few generations ago. It is popular to blame Television and Computers for the dumbing down. The real problem is: People living on welfare are having most of the kids. The more affluent are having smaller families, while those unable to cope are the "breading stock".

Here are some places for more detailed and scientific information:

  1. University of Hamburg has a great site if you are questioning the possibility of life occurring naturally.
  2. A Geologist Richard Cowen at the UC Davis has a great web site which is mostly about Geology but much as it relates to the evolvement of life.

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