Hurricane Katrina was a normal event.
So was RITA

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New Orleans guitar player thoughts
Probably well before the American Indians set foot on this continent, there has been Hurricanes coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. This happens every summer and will continue forever. And now we have had RITA, and there could be another before the season is over!

New Orleans is below sea level. The Government taxing and spending money putting in levies and pumps to make it look like living in a coastal hole below sea level is safe, is playing Russian Roulette with the people, who probably are not aware it is below sea level. Anybody with half a brain would know: sooner or later it will be flooded. For anybody living there it was certain that a disaster would happen. And, it will happen again and again as long as people live there. The blame for the Katrina Disaster goes to the US Government, and the actions taken for the last hundred years, or so. God knows: The people living there could never have built levies and put in huge pumps so they could build their homes below sea level!

Now we are adding over 50 billion dollars to the National Debt, and trying to make it look like New Orleans is a place to build a city. Unfortunately, people will go back. The fact is: Katrina was only about a level 3 hurricane that missed New Orleans. We could have an even stronger one before the summer is over, and there will certainly be one in the future. What the government is doing is crazy! It would be smarter to get people to build their houses in the desert washes where there are flash floods. It would be much easier to crawl out of a gully to escape a flash flood than to escape a hurricane coming in from the Gulf.

To add insult to injury, the government is doing much the same thing all up and down the Mississippi River Valley. And people are going to fall for it, and build homes where they are certain to get flooded. And the American tax payer pays for it.

The Federal Government should get rid of FEMA and tell everybody: If you chose to live in stupid places and do stupid things you will have to suffer the consequences. Yes, that includes earthquakes, tornados and even volcanic eruptions. If local cities, counties or states want to do such things as: plow snow, fight fires, build new schools, or opera houses; they can do so. Fixing local problems and services should be done with local funds.

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