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I moved this list from my "Main Page" because I wanted to expand it and still keep my "Home page" relatively short.

Garmin GPS's Mayo Clinic Radio Active Halmark's Maxine Ron Graham
Africa Pictures Buddy Green Laninga's Web Site Chicken, Alaska CKX

New Additions follow: the latest will be first.
  1. Amateur Science is the work of an interesting fellow in Washington. Check out his description of himself. Some day I should email him. There is a vast array of links and subjects on this web site. I am tempted to have several links to his pages; but on the other hand there are too many.
  2. Glass Blowing is relatively easy, and a great way to make some simple things.
  3. Mechanical calculators are interesting. This page is a good start.
  4. Ken Laninga's Blog is a neat description of life about 100 miles north of Edmonton, Canada. Ken is: A great photographer, writer, and conservationist who is an outdoors man into nature.
  5. Edward Genochio's trans-Asia Bicycle expeditions.

    Edward is an English fellow in his 20's that did a bicycle tour from England to the East Coast of China, and back. He has an interesting writing style, and philosophy. I looked mostly at the going part of his tour and found it most interesting. I suggest looking at his introduction first. His equipment list would be great for anyone doing any sort of camping.

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