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I have been experimenting with Homophones. (Words that have different spellings and different meanings but sound the same when spoken.) Examples are: "no, know" or "all, awl". Here is a list of nearly 1,000 Homophones

I wrote a couple programs: one that Scrambles the letters in words, and a second one that replaces words with their homophone. Click here for: Samples of programs that Scramble text.

I recently found out how to get some information about what people are looking at at my web site. Much to my surprise one of the most popular pages was what I have about a Shareware Assembler I like.

I feel somewhat guilty in that while I recommend my favorite Assembler, I really give little help to someone wanting to learn how to program. I think that is why I have received very few emails on the subject. I guess most were disappointed in what they found. So I hope to make it better. Click here to see my first efforts!

My plan is to show the code for the little program "PAN" (Phone Alphas to Numbers) and have links to explain it in detail. Also make the source, and "" available via a simple link; so people will not have to first un-ZIP them. PAN.COM is only 77 bytes long! Try doing that in C.

As a tease: I have another program: ADULT.COM which is 96 bytes long. Click here for samples of what it does. Yes, if anybody wants to see the source it will be available.

Here is a link to a friend's site which describes: Our interest in FPGA's. Randy and his dad are both engineers. Quite possibly I am "Over My Head"? But, maybe I'll learn something.

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