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M. King Hubbert wrote the following before he died, October 11, 1989. I don't know how much before.

For most of human history the population doubled only once every 32,000 years. Now it's down to 35 years. That is dangerous. No biologic population can double more that a few times without getting seriously out of bounds. I think the world is seriously overpopulated right now. There can be no possible solutions to the world's problems that do not involve stabilization of the world's population.

A test-tube model of Population growth. Is about half way down in this interview. It explains why humans will never do anything about over population until it is too late. The future when most of the petroleum has been used does not look good.

USA Problems Wars Israel Population Petroleum Rights? Obesity

The 2005 October issue of National Geographic has an article about the Flu which could become pandemic. I recommend buying this issue. But, you can get a lot of information simply by Googling for "H5N1". I recommend the CDC and wikipedia links. At the Wiki site you can find a link to the 1918 "Spanish Flu" which killed more than died in WWW-I. An interesting and scary bit of history.

I have been reading two great books: "The Demon-Haunted World" by Carl Sagan, and "The Long Emergency" by James H. Kunstler.

Sagan was a giant in the world of astromony, here are two references for more information about him: Wikipedia and Planetary Soc.

Sagan's book covers many topics, but I would say the main theme is the lack of objective thinking by the public, the news media, and the schools. He discusses many of the myths about such things as: UFO's, Witchcraft, Hallucinations, "Scientists Know Sin", supernatural phenomenon, and skeptical thinking. Here are a few quotes from the book: Maybe I should move Sagan's quotes to a seperate page? Even better: you may want to get the book.

Kunstler's book is about: what happens and when the world runs out of petroleum.

Modern Medicine's effect on the Human Animal

For about the last two hundred years technology has allowed man to defeat the "Survival of the Fittest" law of nature in the human animal. Modern Medicine allows us to keep severe physical and mental deficiencies in the human gene pool. No farmer would keep such defects in his breading stock. He knows the effect would be devastating to the well being of his entire heard of cattle. Adding to the problem is the human desire to help the less fortunate, which has led to welfare programs. But, these programs serve to keep those not capable of competing in our "breading stock". Frequently, we see the largest families in those who are living off welfare. What we are effectively doing is using the less capable as our breading stock! The more affluent, and those who pay the highest taxes, generally have smaller families.

We complain about our schools and are all aware of the "dumbing down" of America. The problems is not the schools or the tools of teaching. The problem is: we are breading kids less capable of learning.

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