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t0236.jpg This photo was taken from a hill on the west side of Flaming Gorge, on 2005 Sept. 2 at 2:44 PM.

I left from Ft. Bridger, WY and drove down the east side of the lake hoping to find a camping spot. That is a very dry and desolate drive which I would not recommend. It turns out: Not only do they have an entrance fee, they also wanted $18 per night for nothing but a dry spot to camp. The Ashley National Forest has turned everything over to the "Flaming Gorge Corporation" to administer. I have never been so disgusted with government hanky-panky spending tax money, to set up some phoney business which does nothing but screw the public!

I was so discusted with Flaming Gorge that I didn't even go over to the dam. In Fact I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I left and drove south along US-191, eventually to Vernal, UT which goes through some quite pretty country. Unfortunately, still in the Ashley National Forest.

I was put off by the city of Vernal, UT. I went to the Wal-Mart there and planed to camp there over night. BUT, at the entrance to the Wal-Mart there is a big yellow sign saying, that a Vernal ordinance makes it illegal to park overnight in the parking lot. It specifically mentions RV's. I question the city has any right to ticket people in a private lot, but maybe Wal-Mart allows it just to keep the Vernal city fathers off their back.

Ashley National Forest is headquartered in Vernal, Utah. Here is their addresss.Just in case you want to send them hate mail.
Ashley National Forest
355 North Vernal Ave
Vernal, UT 84078


There is a lot of very interesting and pretty country in Utah. It is just unfortunate it is in Utah.

I camped a night on a logging road just off US-191, and then went to Dinosaur National Monument. Quite happy to be out of Ashley National Forest. Camped two nights at Dinosaur.

t0237.jpg This and the next two were taken on 2005 Sept 4 inside the main building display at Dinosaur.

I went to the building the previous evening and looked around, but didn't try to take any photos. But, I did attend a very interesting lecture by one of the Rangers. "Mike" is all I know him by. He did an excellent job of explaining the local Geology, and what makes it a good place to find fossils.

t0238.jpg They have stoped all digging here and it is left to just show the fossils in the rock.

t0239.jpg Unfortunately, my photos don't show the fossils as well as they should. I didn't use the flash on the camera, and maybe I should have.

t0240.jpg This is just outside the main building. I probably should have it at the beginning, but I have them in the order they were taken.

I spent most of the morning in the building, there are lots of displays, and it was quite interesting.

Mike was there and gave me some good advice on trails to hike on. I had most of the afternoon to go hiking.

t0241.jpg This was taken just afternoon. I parked and just hiked "cross country" about a half mile, until I got to this trail. From the maps I knew the trail was "over there" and I had a small GPS; so I knew I could find my way back. I was a bit concerned because there was no Cell Phone coverage around here, so I didn't even take it with me. I did take a whistle (which is on my keys) and plenty water.

After I got to the trail I did see, and talk to, a couple couples along the trail.

t0242.jpg This was taken the next day 2005 Sept 5 about 3:22PM, after I left Dinosaur and went down through Roosevelt and Price Utah. I think this is before I got to I-70.

I was very impressed with the scenery all along I-70. There are a lot of turn outs for good views. This is not in a National Park or Monument. It is just along the road.

t0243.jpg Just two minutes after the proceeding photo!

This is all along the San Rafael Reef which is almost an extension of Capitol Reef National Park. I-70 goes right across it.

Taken from the same spot as the proceeding, it is off to its' right. Yes, I know I should have this one on the righ of the screen instead of the left. But I just alternated them before I really took a good look. Maybe someday I will exchange all the "lefts" and "rights".

t0244.jpg Just a quick shot back at the parking, from where I took the two proceeding photos.

t0245.jpg Along I-70. This would be a great place to take an ATV and explore.

t0246.jpg There are lots of jeep trails, just off "Ranch Roads" along I-70.

t0247.jpg Fall or Spring would be a good time to explore some of the back country. Going from Price, Utah down Utah-10 to I-70.

t0248.jpg As you get further from the Reef, the country gets a bit flatter; but is still interesting.

t0249.jpg Just past Utah-10 from Price, I took Utah-72 south for about 8 miles. This was a good paved two lane road that went up to about 8,000 feet.

Very near the summit I saw a dirt road going off to the east through some trees. It was about 6:30PM and I was looking for a place to spend the night.

I took this photo in the morning. About 8:30AM on 2005 Sept 6. It was in a nice flat spot where there were some cattle pens where they load cattle about once a season. Really a nice quit place to camp. I didn't see a soul, or hear a car all night. Peaceful, and a bit lonesome, but very nice!

From there I drove on I-70 to I-15 and took it south to Las Vegas. A route I took many times when my dad and mother were taking their trailer south for the winter, and coming back to northern Utah in the spring. But I didn't take any photos along the way.

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