Summer Rain Storm In West Park Resort August 9, 2006

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This is a first cut. Eventually, clicking on the photos will, bring more of Harvey's Summer 2006 Quartzsite Arizona photos.

  1. ip1.jpg

    Rain storm clouds approaching West Park resort at 2:19 PM August 9, 2006

  2. ip2.jpg

    Street inside West Park Resort in front of lot #28 at 2:26 PM August 9, 2006

  3. ip3.jpg

    The wash behind the western edge of West Park Resort lots 47 through 52

  4. ip4.jpg

    Moon Mountain Avenue flooded after just 15 minutes of rain 8-9-06

    This was the first, and mildest, of five storms that summer.

  5. ip5.jpg

    Flood waters running across Moon Mountain Avenue in the wash at the yellow house.

    Rapids rushing by at approx. 30MPH. Water looks like chocolate pudding, not water.

    Water was flowing from Mountain View Resort.

  6. ip6.jpg

    Receding water across Moon Mountain Ave. twenty minutes after rain storm.

    Water had been "wall to wall" across the entire street and no asphalt was visible.

  7. ip7.jpg

    Tyson Wash water running across Quail Trail Street 8-9-06.

    The street was washed out about 4 feet deep and about 300 feet wide.

    The asphalt was washed downstream for hundreds of feet from the road bed.

    Many grown trees, cacti, rocks and debris washed by very fast while I watched.

    The street was closed for several weeks while repairs were made.

  8. bow.jpg

    After the storm, a beautiful double rainbow over lot 27.

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