2007 February 21 Jeep trip up Harquahala Mountain

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I got these photos from Harvey on February 22 and though they were interesting enough to put on a web page. He had the following notes in the email: We went on a Jeep trip yesterday to Harquahala Mountain, southeast of Salome, AZ. It was incredibly steep and rough but it was lots of fun. We are glad we went, but will never subject our Jeep (or our backs) to that kind of punishment again. The views were unbelievable. We could see Salome, Wenden and Aguila, Arizona from the peak. The peak was 5,700 feet, and the tallest mountain in southwestern Arizona. I think I put the photos in the order they were taken.

  1. jeep01.jpg

    Road up Harquahala (1 sm).jpg

  2. jeep02.jpg

    Road up Harquahala sm.jpg

  3. jeep03.jpg

    Gail on road to Harquahala sm.jpg

  4. jeep04.jpg

    Barb on road up Harquahala sm.jpg

  5. jeep05.jpg

    Road up Harquahala (2 sm).jpg

  6. jeep06.jpg

    Wenden from Harquhala sm.jpg

  7. jeep07.jpg

    Road to Harquahala sm.jpg

  8. jeep08.jpg

    Top of Harquahala Mtn sm.jpg

  9. jeep09.jpg

    Cabin on Harquahala sm.jpg

All photos taken by Harvey Martin. For more information you can E-mail Harvey.