Emails From Harvey Martin

Last Up date: 2007 February 6
Recent changes: Link to some of Harvey's summer 06 photos. Pages h1 through h20 now available.
Page started: 2006 June 17

I have been in San Jose since early June and I have been receiving some very interesting e-mail from Harvey Martin and his wife Gail. They are "neighbors" at West Park and are staying in Quartzsite during the summer.

I got permission from Harvey to put them on web pages, so others could get the "Quartzsite News". I have left out parts that I felt would only be of interested to people who know the Martins or are West Park neighbors.
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I now have a few photos taken by Harvey Martin of the Summer 2006 rains. I did have a link to pages I gleaned from Harvey's email over the summer. There was a complaint about the Isaiah 58 project comments not being official West Park business. Thus, I have removed that link, but on "My Home Page" I still have the link for those who want to see it.

We are all grateful to Harvey, for letting us see a bit of Quartzsite while we are away relaxing in some place cool.

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