Hike to two aircraft wrecks on 2007 March 6

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About 20 miles south east of Quartzsite, AZ is "Black Mesa" it is higher than any of the surrounding mountains, and is on the: USGS Blythe 1:100 000 topographic map. At the lower left edgs. Quite a few people in Quartzsite know there are two airplane wrecks, but we were not able to find anyone who could give us details about getting to them. After studying some maps of the area: Duncan, Dennis, and I hiked up to the top of Black Mesa. We parked our ATV's at: N33° 35.092 W114° 02.510

At N33° 35.585 W114° 01.475 There is a wreckage of a 2 place Piper Cub on the top of Black Mesa. We have never found anyhing about the Piper Cub. We do not know if there were 2 people in the plain and if anyone survived. From the following photos it is obvious the tail section and motor are gone, and one wing has been turned end for end. There was what looks like splashes of molten lead on some of the rocks. Does this imply the fabric covering the plain burned on impact--or before? The gas tank looks intact. There are lots of unanswered questions about this wreck.

At N33° 35.544 W114° 01.073 On Christmas day 1944 a C-47 crashed on Black Mesa. It was after our hike and taking the photos on this page, I found: Details of the Tragedy on this "2003 Arizona Aircraft Archaeology" web site.

The photos were taken by Duncan, and are directly from the memory card in his camera. The photos were all taken on 2007 March 6. I think Dennis also has other phots I should get and include. The number is the size of each photo, the date and time is when my program created the linkable list.

 Size Month Day Year/Time Name/link

 881820 Mar 23 20:55 img_0010.jpg
Left side of Piper Cub with Me and Dennis

 870970 Mar 23 20:55 img_0011.jpg
Further back, left side of Piper Cub with Me and Dennis

1049227 Mar 23 20:56 img_0012.jpg
Like above but vertical

1007568 Mar 23 20:56 img_0013.jpg
Right side of me getting in, the fold-down door.

 920827 Mar 23 20:56 img_0014.jpg
Me inside

 953767 Mar 23 20:57 img_0015.jpg
Bits and pieces on a rock. Dennis' foot at lower right.

1040856 Mar 23 20:57 img_0016.jpg
C-47 Crankshaft

1054535 Mar 23 20:57 img_0017.jpg
C-47 parts and possibly propeller gearing

1085309 Mar 23 20:58 img_0018.jpg
Possibly some of the landing gear?

 723114 Mar 23 20:58 img_0019.jpg
Looking back up the hill, the Piper was right on top.

 745288 Mar 23 20:58 img_0020.jpg
Dennis and I after we got back.

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