My pages on the internet may be gone tomorrow!

Last Up date: 2005 November 13
Page started: 2005 September 29

Many of us have deceived ourselves into thinking the internet is permanent. But, whatever you see on the internet is: paid for, created and maintained by somebody. And, for whatever reason, they can: Change it, or delete it. You may be left with only a vague recollection of what you believe you might have seen.

I decided to experiment with a web site about five years ago. Initially, it was interesting and I enjoyed it; but for about the last six months it has been very frustrating trying to recoup from loosing ZYVRA.NET.

Anything, with in the address is gone, and what is at should be considered temporary.

You are free to read, print, copy or redistribute anything you see on my web pages. But, what you see today may not be available in the future.