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Last Up date: 2005 October 11
Page started: 2005 October 11

I have put some photos I took on 2004 January 18 between 09:27 and 11:36 AM. They were all taken in front of my "Quartzsite Cottage" and down the street. They are in the order taken, right out of the camera with no computer modifications. They average about 150 Kbytes each. (Too big for fast downloading.)

  1. p1180041.jpg 177k My Cousin, & Van in front of my "Cottage"

  2. p1180042.jpg 184k Landscape pretty much same as above.

  3. p1180043.jpg 186k Looking East down street from my place.

  4. p1180044.jpg 165k Above when I walked about 100 steps East.

  5. p1180045.jpg 170k Even closer.

  6. p1180046.jpg 151k Sign on side of recovery van.

  7. p1180047.jpg 173k Further East looking back toward my place.

  8. p1180048.jpg 163k Closer to the "action"

  9. p1180049.jpg 172k Collapse when the hot air is let out.

  10. p1180050.jpg 162k Collapsing

  11. p1180051.jpg 166k More

  12. p1180052.jpg 169k More

  13. p1180053.jpg 162k More

  14. p1180054.jpg 170k How they force the air out.

  15. p1180055.jpg 163k The propane burners, basket is on its side.

  16. p1180056.jpg 177k The wrapping, not quite all deflated.

  17. p1180057.jpg 174k almost all wrapped in protective cover.

  18. p1180058.jpg 158k Many Seniors helping pick it up.

  19. p1180059.jpg 167k The "pilot" and Boss walking to burner end.

  20. p1180060.jpg 163k Shoving wrapped balloon into bigger bag.

  21. p1180061.jpg 170k I was carrying and photo, too many backs.

  22. p1180062.jpg 162k Basket set upright, bagged balloon behind.

  23. p1180063.jpg 170k Better of above, with Pilot.

  24. p1180064.jpg 165k Closer of bagged balloon.

  25. p1180065.jpg 165k Loading bag into recovery truck.

  26. p1180066.jpg 180k Loading basket.

  27. p1180067.jpg 166k Where I am sitting typing what you see.

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